Autumn in Yellowstone Park

Autumn in Yellowstone Park
triple rainbow

Welcome to my house of sky

The sky is my roof in my favorite house--out and about in Nature--sun, snow, rain, warm days and cold. Everything about what is going on around me in fields and mountains and beside creeks is fascinating.

Here in my blog I will be sharing tidbits of what I am seeing - in my yard and on trips up trails and over into nearby Yellowstone National Park.

I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wildness is amazing

Every time I visit Yellowstone National Park I am amazed and astonished by the gifts of land and skies. On this visit Wednesday, a "startle" of gray-crowned rosy-finches flew across the road, mountain bluebirds splashed blues all over the sage and tan grasses, bison ran in circles to stir up some mud for baths, pronghorn roamed the hills, a coyote hunted, white cloud tatters cast shadows on snow covered mountains and sandhill cranes preened by a pond

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