Super sight: Dragonflies can detect up to 30 different vision pigments according to scientists. Wow. And all I remembered was a type of kaleidoscope which has 24 facets to the lens called a "dragonfly eye." 

Which makes me wonder what this dragonfly saw when I peered at it and took its picture. Was I dazzling in colors I can't imagine? Was it even looking at me? 

In addition to being able to detect up to 30 different vision pigments, I read that they have 30,000 lenses in their bulging eyes. 

Does it remember its life in the water where it lived for several years? How long will this one live on land? 

I believe that "Dragonfly" is one of my totems. 

All of which is to say that while I research the science, it doesn't explain for me why I am drawn to dragonflies or why they show up so often in my life--from an 18th century garden in Annapolis, Maryland to the Colorado River to a fishing trip on the Yellowstone River and today in my garden.

I leave you with this...let yourself discover something miraculous in the gifts from Nature in your life.