Autumn in Yellowstone Park

Autumn in Yellowstone Park
triple rainbow

Welcome to my house of sky

The sky is my roof in my favorite house--out and about in Nature--sun, snow, rain, warm days and cold. Everything about what is going on around me in fields and mountains and beside creeks is fascinating.

Here in my blog I will be sharing tidbits of what I am seeing - in my yard and on trips up trails and over into nearby Yellowstone National Park.

I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumnal Equinox
A glimpse
Beneath the shroud of clouds
first snow on peaks
Through rain the season changes

In the fullness of the Harvest moon
inside me, turning
straining at my branches
as the quakies shimmer
silver green to gold,
I would speak of my mother,
a daughter now alone
harvesting her words,
ripening, longing
for another

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Four days at Walking Lightly Ranch on a Writing Retreat with Laura Munson and 11 other muses from around the country and I'm walking on air.For the call of Sandhill Cranes, pattern of rain drops on the lake, scent of lush garden, food prepared with love and inspiration, lush garden of scent and seed, yoga with Arlisa, time to learn how to connect with horses with Bobbi and being guided into deeper insights with my writing by Laura, I am most deeply grateful. Four days that were a balm for me two months after my mother's passing. Four days that provide a platform for intention and inspiration in my writing.